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Monochrome oak string

Monochrome oak string includes bulbs of oak light bulb which utilizes LED SMD technology to driver extremely uniform light with very low power consumption.

This product is sample and suitable for beautification cities specially during the holiday. It offers several color for example red, blue, white, pink, turquoise.

Also it offers flag colors (includes three colors green, white, red) especially for national celebration variable length and number of bulb based on customer order.

If you like to more various program, full color string and 2-dimensional full color string equipped with remote control are good replacement for this product. Because they can offer other programs in addition to this program and you can control with remote control.


  • Suitable for religious places, town squares, bridges and garden halls
  • Monochrome red and green, suitable for religious ceremony
  • A good alternative for over used decoration light bulb string

Check the product characteristics

  • Using LED with high brightness and long life time
  • The heat produced by LED is very low power consumption of LED
  • Ability in number of bulb for example 15,20,30,40
  • Available in number of bulb according to customer request
  • The price of product is reasonable
  • Using high quality material to making string (poly carbonate and sun screen UV)
  • Full sealing (suitable for all of the climatic zone) in country
  • Shock resistant
  • ۱۸ months guarantee and provide product support services

Important points for installing

  • Make sure that this product installed in the proper voltage range
  • Use 0/5 coated stainless steel cable in the whole path when installing linearly
  • Avoid separation of components, repair and change in the product
  • It is directly connected to the electricity of city therefore consider the safety tips for protecting against electric shock

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