Fully colored ocher with central box


Full color 2-dimensional oak string light bulb:

Full color 2-dimensional oak string light bulb offers various programs, interesting in format of kind of effects and 2-dimensional animation, 3- dimensional animation, animated text, animated picture with a perfectly uniform light and low energy consumption.

This product is in the form of different structures, show curtain and applicable with customer proposals

Oak string light bulb is equipped with 12 channel remote control that the user can change the program with keys the user can change the speed of programs and turn off the string light bulb.


  • Suitable for religious places, mosques, hotels, restaurants and stores, …
  • Good alternative for 7 color oak string because of it has 3-dimendional animation and effects


  • Easy user access to central panel and quick startup
  • Ability to change the program only with changing SD card
  • Better price than full color oak string especially high number order
  • Using LED with high brightness and long life time
  • Includes various effects
  • Ability to make customized effect
  • Ability to control of speed by remote
  • Ability to change of programs by remote
  • Offered in various bulb lengths and widths
  • Available in different flame number and cable length according to customers order

ریسه لامپ بلوطی دو بعدی - شرکت عرفان صنعت اصفهان

  • ۱۸ months guarantee
  • Have a 12 V voltage to avoid electrical shock
  • Using high quality material to making string (poly carbonate and sun screen UV)
  • Full sealing (suitable for all of the climatic zone) in country
  • Can be used in cold, dry, humid environments

Important points for installing

  • Make sure that this product installed in the proper voltage rang
  • Use 0/5 coated stainless steel cable in the whole path when installing linearly
  • Each string should be controlled at least by one learned remote control before installing in the altitude
  • Avoid separation of component, repair and change in the product


Minimum order for this product are 8 strings.

The best number of strings is 8,16,32,64 (if you pay attention to this point, your order will be ready soon).

Input Voltage220v/50HZ
Number Of Controllable String Lights32,48
Max Consumption PowerCustomized Change
Total Number Of SMDCustomized Change
Bulb Number20,30,40, Customized Change
Light Color SingleFull Color,Iran Flag Colors
Product ColorWhite
Cable Length10m,Customized change
Protection DegreeIP 67

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